Schaalsee, Sunset At The Lake ·

Sunset at the Schaalsee at the former east-west border. Taken with a Sigma DP1 Quattro, all colors out of the camera, no filters.

Looking at the interior of the Tesla Model 3 gives me a déjà-vu ·

… plus serious nightmares about the German automotive industry.

Travel Photographs Madagascar ·

Photos from a trip to Madagascar in December 2014. 

Travel Photographs Northern Mozambique ·

Photographs from my travels in the Cabo Delgado and Nampula province, December 2013 and January 2014.

Tanzania ·

Photos from travelling Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland in December/January 2012/13.

New Gadget ·

my first test images with a Sigma DP1M. 6 and 25 seconds exposure time on a tripod, exposure and distortion corrected.

No Sugar Added ·

100% analog, 0% Instagram. These are photos taken 4 years ago with a Leica that is more than 50 years old. Nothing beats the real thing, I am sick of all this retro camera fake aesthetics that keep spreading around.

Google Maps for iOS 5, Google Maps 6.9.2 on Android 4.11 and iOS6 Maps compared ·

Apple Maps shows much less detail and has much less contrast, what makes it very hard to use in bright daylight. For the street where I am located, only Google Maps on iOS shows the name of the street and the one way sign.

iOS6 is a design disaster ·

I cannot believe what I am seeing, this is a total mess. 3 screenshots from iOS6 core applications, 3 different visual themes that have nothing to do with each other:

KCRW is the greatest radio station ever ·

and Music Mine is on my iPad homescreen now.

Derbyshire, Great Britain ·

Kigali, Rwanda, December 2011 ·

Wonderful Table Of Contents Design By Willy Fleckhaus 1965 ·

What a beautiful design from Willy Fleckhaus who is said to have been Germany’s first Art Director. Found in the twen magazine from 10/1965.

Goodbye Basecamp, continued ·

This is in reply to the discussion thread in the Hacker News, related to my post Goodbye Basecamp.

Goodbye Basecamp, This Is The End Of A True Love. My Heart Is Broken. ·

German Spotify Premium Subscribers: How To Install The Spotify iPhone App ·

For Me, Michael Jackson Is The Icon For All What Went Wrong In The Music Industry ·

The True Reason For The Current Breakdown Of The Music Industry: Don’t Mess With Art! ·

My Guess: We Will Pay $3 For An Album – For Service Fee And Fairness ·

Long Tail Info Porn: Lil’ Wayne vs. Regina Spektor ·

Trying Out Spotify: I Like It, But I Wouldn’t Bet On Its Success ·

Marketing Kills Music ·

MySpace music comes with store, finally ·

A must-read about online music marketing ·

I paid 3 Euros for Radiohead’s new Album ·

Design is the shared language for collaboration ·

Never do unpaid creative work ·

Obscene design copy ·

European iPhone details leaked ·

A tsunami is on the way, does XING even notice? ·

I love this slide ·

Reboot9: i liked the micropresentations ·

LastFM sketches: a neighbour- centered dashboard ·

Fyi: this blog is not about… ·

Notable definition of design: simplify, differentiate, innovate ·

LastFM: where the fun is ·

Dan Saffer from Adaptive Path, what exactly does “design” mean? ·

Me on the map ·

3 reasons why i hate wikis, too ·

RIP, · was buried yesterday, time to post some old artwork here before it gets forgotten.

LeWeb3: hijacked or raped? ·

Election campaign at LeWeb3 ·

Close your Laptops, Please ·

Preparing for LeWeb3 ·

3 relevant topics for designing web 2.0 platforms ·

The new XING ·

CoreMedia got a corporate weblog · relaunch reviewed · relaunched today yesterday. They reworked their design for the first time since 2002. To be precisely, the Dusseldorf based agency “argonauten360” did the new look and feel, at least that what’s the legal notes say. So, who cares? Well, …

openBC sketches (6) ·

Neighbourhoods would work better than groups in openBC ·

openBC sketches (5) ·

openBC sketches (4) ·

Seven years ago ·

openBC sketches (3) ·

openBC sketches (2) ·

openBC sketches (1) ·

Sketches for the openBC contest ·

Unexpected neighbours in LastFM ·

OpenBC design contest thoughts ·

The reboot8 feedback loop ·

Are Google’s interfaces to be “designed” now? ·

Rethinking designers’ tools: some already do ·

Flickr tags could be more useful using taxonomies ·

The ugly-design-is-most-efficient discussion misses the point ·

Thinking about design patterns for tagging ·

New Vodafone in 3D and with a new typeface ·

Very useful logo database ·

reboot8 coming up! ·

BIG is in ·

Impressive interaction demo ·

Guy Kawasaki has some tough statements on design ·

Hello world! ·